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Propranolol could be prescribed for any of the following problems: migraine headaches prevention, procedure of heart disease, uncommon heart rhythms, very high blood tension and some sorts of tremor. This drug is also used to stop angina and boost survival after a cardiovascular disease. The focused fluid that you are expected to take may be diluted with soft drinks, applesauce, water, juice or pudding before being taken. While your condition will be routinely kept track of for serious adverse effects, several of them you can experience when at house. Contact your physician as quickly as feasible if you have any one of the complying with severe adverse effects of taking propranolol: irregular pulsation, unusual bleeding or wounding, upper body discomfort, aching throat, difficulty breathing, swelling of the hands or feet, weight gain, and some other symptoms that appear severe enough for you to state. Do not share your medication with various other people to whom it was not prescribed. Propranolol should be taken only after discussing it with your health care company to see to it it functions right for you. Chat to a qualified professional regarding this opportunity if you believe you really need to take this drug for any type of various other problem you have. © All rights reserved 2011